Installing applications Terminal Server 2000 

Before installing applications on a Terminal Server, you must put the server into "install mode". In this mode, all changes made to the registry and to ini-files will be monitored and copied to the shadow area in the registry. This process ensures that all users will receive their personal copy of those registry keys and ini-files. You can put a Terminal Server in Install mode by using the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel, but this method does not work when you install applications directly from the web.

A method which gives you more control over the process is to put the server into install mode from the command prompt:

Open a command window (Start - Run - cmd)
Type "change logon /disable" (without the quotes) to disallow new connections to the server
Use Terminal Services Manager to verify that there are no user sessions; send a message to connected users, requesting them to log off
Type "change user /install" (without the quotes) to put the server into install mode
Install your application
When the installation is completely finished, type "change user /execute" to put the server back into it's normal execute mode
Type "change logon /enable" to allow users to connect again